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Author K.T. Roberts (aka Carolyn Hughey)I was never one of those kids who knew I would be a writer when I grew up. As a matter of fact, I was going to be an actress. That’s what my mother always said and she gave me the title to prove it: Drama Queen. Well, obviously, that didn’t happen and today I am an author and loving every minute of my profession.

Although I love reading humorous stories, I’ve really locked into mystery and suspense.  This is what I read and watch 98% of the time, and it’s why I write in the genre. As an avid reader and lover of anything suspense, my first writing turned into a three-book series featuring NYPD Detectives Zachary Gerard and Jessie Kensington.  Titles like the The Last Witness, Elusive Justice and Deadly Obsessions have received rave reviews, citing suspense-filled realism.

As an author for Montlake Romance, I’m currently in the copy edit stages of a standalone romantic suspense titled Blind Retribution with a release date of October 11, 2016. The heroine, Detective Max Turner, is a no nonsense female in the NYPD.  Her case is complexity at its best and involves multiple homicides, and what she ultimately believes to be an illegal heart transplant. And she’d be fine except she’s being badgered by Cory Rossini, a sinfully sexy but infuriating PI who keeps insisting she’s got her facts wrong.  But he obviously doesn’t know Max.

Finally, you’ve asked and I’ve heard. I’m about to introduce Glitzy Nash, my heroine in my cozy mysteries series. The first book to be released in October, 2016 will be a cozy Christmas to set the stage for her introduction that will lead into another six in the series–maybe more. Just remember, nothing is ever sealed in concrete . . . except maybe a body!

And although these amateurs may not have training to back up their sleuthing, they sure have the brains and follow-through to solve the crime. Well . . .maybe.

I also write contemporary romance under the name Carolyn Hughey.

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