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I was never one of those kids who knew I would be a writer when I grew up. As a matter of fact, I was going to be an actress. That’s what my mother always said and she gave me the title to prove it: Drama Queen. Well, obviously, that didn’t happen and today I am an author and loving every minute of my profession.

Although I love reading humorous stories, I’ve really locked into mystery and suspense.  This is what I read and watch 98% of the time, and it’s why I write in the genre. As an avid reader and lover of anything suspense, my first writing turned into a three-book series featuring NYPD Detectives Zachary Gerard and Jessie Kensington.  Titles like the The Last Witness, Elusive Justice and Deadly Obsessions have received rave reviews, citing suspense-filled realism.

I’ve just released Book 4 in the Kensington-Gerard Detective Series titled The Vow. Check it out on the home page.

 Articles of Interest to Readers

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October 4, 2013
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