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K. T. Roberts loves all things mystery and thriller, including cozy mysteries. Growing up in small town America, she lived across the street from a police station and often witnessed cuffed criminals being dragged into the precinct. It was then that her love for the men in blue developed and her need to create stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat began.

Although, she never became an officer of the law, her sister did, and she’s her source for authenticity. Penning her first crime novel in 2012, the creation of the Kensington-Gerard Detective series was born. Now working on her fifth novel in the series, Sleeping with the Enemy will be released in 2021.
K. T. finds inspiration from researching true crimes and is passionate about writing suspenseful novels with crazy twists. Twists you never see coming. She knows her novel is good when she finds herself so wrapped up in her stories, the only thing that calms her down is a handful of chocolates. Her inspiration for her first crime novel was created through a conversation of idle gossip, and the rest is history.

Her thriller novels have elements of mystery, suspense, and romance. She is also the author of the Chef’s Toque series, the Cape May Capers series, and a few Christmas romances.
When she’s not absorbed in a novel or working on her next thriller mystery, her favorite past time is utilizing her culinary skills of creating pastries or gourmet meals for family and friends.

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