Kensington-Gerard Detective Series

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The Vow

Book 4 in the Kensington-Gerard Detective Series

The Vow by K.T. Roberts Book Cover

Two can keep a secret . . . but only if one dies!

With NYPD’s finest on the hunt to find who killed one of their own, the newly-promoted Jessie Kensington won’t stop until she finds her best friend’s killer, even pushing her wedding plans aside.

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Book 1

NYPD detectives Tate Kensington and Zachary Gerard are convinced one killer is at work, but proving it seems an impossible feat until a pre-teen prank blows the case wide open.

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Book 2

Two detectives, two cases . . . seemingly unrelated until a baffling discovery entwines them forever . . .

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Book 3

Three bodies and counting . . . a manifesto with a long list of names . . . an abducted child, and the killer is using a familiar MO that was the trademark of a serial killer still at large.

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