The Vow

The Vow by K.T. Roberts Book Cover

Book Four – Kensington-Gerard Detective Series

Two can keep a secret . . . but only if one dies!

With NYPD’s finest on the hunt to find who killed one of their own, the newly-promoted Jessie Kensington won’t stop until she finds her best friend’s killer, even pushing her wedding plans aside.

Convalescing after being shot during a hostage situation, Jessie’s partner, Zach Gerard is doing whatever he can to help her solve this crime because he knows she won’t focus on their wedding if he doesn’t.

Knowing Maureen’s compulsion to detail, the nagging feeling in Jessie’s gut tells her she’s missing something. A late-night visit to the crime scene with Zach confirms her suspicions and reveals a hidden secret so devastating, it will leave her community of brothers and sisters reeling.

Now, the focus is on discovering where those long-buried secrets lead . . . even if it means Jessie could be the next victim!

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