Sleeping with the Enemy – Book 5

When an undercover infiltrates the mob, falling in love was never the plan. Now, she struggles between love and loyalty, and an ending so explosive it could alter her life forever. 

Here’s a scene between Francesca Gallo, law clerk for the missing judge who was presiding over Carmine LaSappio’s trial. He’s the Mafia kingpin in the Lucchese crime family. Based on Frankie’s long-standing hatred for the mafia, she’s been summoned by the FBI to work undercover. She’s beautiful, she’s classy, she’s smart, and she won’t have any problems cozying up to Nicholas DelVecchio, the underboss and nephew of the kingpin . . . and he won’t have any trouble falling in love with her!

“What exactly is my role?” Frankie asked.
“Everything you’d do in a committed relationship,” special agent, Jason Carter, said nonchalantly.
Frankie’s eyes widened in surprise. “Like what? Sleeping with him?”
“Whatever it takes to get the job done. There are several ways to avoid that encounter,” Jason’s brows rose, “to a certain point. I mean, if this assignment lasts a few years, which could very well happen, it’s going to be hard to avoid. But look, we don’t want you to worry about any of that right now. Do what comes naturally, but remember the integrity of the operation. We certainly don’t want DelVecchio saying you entrapped him.” Jason paused for a minute; his head tilted to the side. “Does this make you feel uncomfortable like maybe it’s the wrong assignment for you?”
“No, no, I’m in. If it gets these bastards off the street, then I’ve done my job. I didn’t give much thought to the assignment, but it makes perfect sense to treat it like a real relationship because he’ll see right through my facade if I don’t.”
“Exactly. Understand too that this is a high-risk assignment.” Frankie nodded. “If he thinks you’re setting him up, you’re history, and I don’t mean just walking away from you. These guys are the cesspool of the earth who will not feel an ounce of remorse about killing you.”

Available in digital and paperback.

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