Death By Stiletto – Book One — Cape May Cozy Caper Series

Book Two in this cozy mystery series, titled Abra Cadaver will be available June 2020 and it might just have some ghosts! Just sayin’!


Death by Stiletto by K.T. Roberts book cover

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A jewel thief on the loose . . . a dead body in the closet . . . a good deed gone wrong, and the homecoming is just getting started!

When the McKall triplets return home to Cape May, New Jersey for their high school reunion, they never expected to be involved in a homicide on their first night in town. But after their former classmate Sissy Post bangs on their door and begs for help, they feel the need to become involved.

The misguided attempt to help places Shelby McKall at the murder scene, and lands both Shelby and Sissy in custody. When the victim turns out to be none other than the archenemy of both women, they find themselves in deep trouble with the evidence stacking high against them.

Now, the McKall sisters must prove Shelby’s innocence, and they’re looking to the newest detective on the force for help. Arrogant and stubborn, this former nerd—who sizzles hotter than the Arizona sun in August—gives the sisters a hard time at every turn. But as the crime spree continues, the sisters feel drastic measures are in order. Only this time, they’re in way over their heads!

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Published by ktrobertsmysteries

K. T. Roberts writes romantic suspense and is also dipping her feet into the cozy mysteries genre. She’s an author for Montlake Romance. In 2012 she decided to try her hand at self-publishing and wrote her first mystery series, the Kensington-Gerard Detective Series. Blind Retribution, which is currently in the editing stages with her editor at Montlake Romance, an imprint of Amazon and promises to be released soon. Originally a Jersey Girl, she lives with her real-life hero, Bob, in Arizona. They have four children. Although she’s a former chef, whipping up a gastronomic treat for family and friends has been relegated to the weekends because during the week, she’s in front of her computer writing her next great novel. She has memberships in Romance Writers of American, Valley of the Sun Romance Writers, Sisters in Crime, and the Butterscotch Martini Girls. For more information about her books, visit her website at , and while you're at it, drop her a line. She loves to hear from her readers. She also blogs on 3 separate weekly blogs: Facebook: Twitter: Sign-ups for her quarterly newsletter titled Jersey Girl’s Musings can be found on her website. Be the first to receive exciting news about releases, noteworthy events and chances to win prizes. Don’t miss out on the fun! Sign-ups for her weekly blogposts are located on each corresponding blog.

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